INTRASOFT PROTEUS accelerates the implementation of Trade Facilitation platforms, such as National or Regional Single Windows, Pre-Arrival Single Windows, or Port Single Windows.

It also accommodates process flows required by freight forwarders and supply chain agencies. The main objectives of INTRASOFT PROTEUS are to:

  • Increase the speed of trade and lower costs
  • Enhance the trader experience
  • Secure duties & fees revenue collection
  • Guarantee trade compliance, minimise risk and boost security

Take advantage of developments in technology to increase the speed of trade while enhancing government operations by reducing costs and freeing resources for more productive activities.

Drive your traders to use low-cost channels while delivering a superior experience and assisting with formalities compliance.

INTRASOFT PROTEUS provides information and guidance that encourages businesses to participate in international trade and be compliant. Together with increasing compliance for existing traders, this leads to increased duties & fees revenue.

Our Solution

INTRASOFT PROTEUS is a highly configurable, trade facilitation solution built on a robust technical architecture. INTRASOFT PROTEUS provides a tightly integrated set of best-of-breed business functionality which is loosely coupled using microservices. It can be deployed on most cloud or on-premises technology stacks.