Lithuanian Single Window

Netcompany-Intrasoft (previously known as INTRASOFT International) worked with the Lithuanian Customs Department to deliver the “Electronic service for the electronic submission of customs declarations on a single window basis”, funded by the European Union structural funds. 

INTRASOFT PROTEUS was rolled out for the Single Window Information system for the electronic submission of customs declarations. Single Window consists of a Portal module and a Process Management module and is integrated with the Customs information System (CIS) subsystems and external systems. Electronic data exchange is facilitated between Customs and individuals as well as public institutions and agencies using modern data and information collection, analysis, management and exchange methods and tools.

The Lithuanian Single Window Information System delivers automated process management functionality which extends capabilities for the submission of customs declarations and new activities.

Single Window for export, import and transit procedures in the Republic of Tajikistan

INTRASOFT PROTEUS was selected and implemented for the project known as “Support to the Establishment of Single Window for Export, Import and Transit Procedures in Tajikistan”.

INTRASOFT PROTEUS fulfilled all Single Window requirements according to EU specifications. It was put into operation in the State Unitary Enterprise “Single Window Centre” which was established under the Customs Service of the Government of Tajikistan and works with 15 other key organisations, including Government agencies and Business Intermediary Organisations.

Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN) System for the Port of Cotonou in Benin

The Main application consists of a web portal linked to the National Shippers’ Council of Benin’s (CNCB) website. Authorised External Users access specific portal information or “workplaces” and applications. In their workplace, users can complete electronic forms with structured information. They can submit the structured information to the system and the system will route and distribute the information as appropriate. Agents and Users receive approved electronic forms and can then complement the electronic forms, approve or reject information, validate and submit their answers. Commercial operators’ workplaces use a common database for storing the information of all their users.

ECTN will be migrated to use the INTRASOFT PROTEUS Single Window Platform as a specific product business package.