The Trade Facilitation Solution

INTRASOFT PROTEUS comprises an integrated set of highly configurable, best-for-purpose, trade facilitation related functions and features, such as:

  • Traders can submit declarations or declaration processing components (e.g. Pre-arrival, Transit, Export, Import, Excise), using one-time passwords, digital signatures or any SSO, through the web-based INTRASOFT PROTEUS Trade Portal and/or through an API using web services
  • Traders can submit and manage requests for Permits, Certificates, Authorisations and Licenses and view the status of each request at any point in time.
  • Agencies can use either their interfaced back-end systems or use parametrised modules to respond to Trader requests
  • Traders can electronically submit any other information (e.g. arrival notifications) required for processing acceptance
  • Traders can perform electronic payments
  • Traders can manage the submitted declarations and view the status at any time (including information submitted through the web services interface)
  • Traders can view the history of movements and exchanged messages with the Authorities
  • Traders can work with templates of declarations for facilitating their daily work and the submission of electronic declarations with similar data
  • Extensive search capabilities with search criteria such as Reference Number, Status of the movement, etc. are provided for users
  • Agency officials can publish and distribute various types of information such as announcements, notices, etc.
  • Early risk management of arrivals, vessels, traders (profiling), manifests, and sharing of appropriate risk information with interested and trusted National or International partners, is provided.