Governments have set digital transformation initiatives to increase government efficiencies and improve their “Doing Business” indicators.  As a result, they need to modernise, streamline, and monitor their trade operations while improving the trader and citizen experience.

Netcompany-Intrasoft understands how to implement world-class Trade Facilitation systems that accommodate the unique business, legal and technical requirements of each jurisdiction

INTRASOFT PROTEUS provides a comprehensive set of functionalities in a powerful, configurable, and secure product that is designed to digitise & orchestrate flows between:

  • Ministries (Finance, Trade, Budget, Health, Agriculture, etc.),
  • Licensing and Regulatory agencies
  • Customs & Ports Authorities,
  • Private sector (Traders, Shippers, Manufacturers, etc.)
  • Commercial & Central Banks and Insurers

INTRASOFT PROTEUS fulfils the needs of a National or Regional Customs Single Window, a Pre-Arrival Single Window, or a Port Single Window. Additionally, it can accommodate the process flows required by any freight forwarder or goods movement related organisation.

INTRASOFT PROTEUS can be the vehicle to accelerate frictionless trade by streamlining business processes across multiple actors in the trade chain.

Reporting and analytics capabilities enable agencies to monitor Key Performance Indicators for operational areas, report statistics on the health of trade flows, and provide information to authorities participating in exchange of information.

Take advantage of developments in technology to increase the speed of trade while enhancing government operations by reducing costs and freeing resources for more productive activities.

Drive your traders to use low-cost channels while delivering a superior experience and assisting with formalities compliance.

INTRASOFT PROTEUS provides information and guidance that encourages businesses to participate in international trade and be compliant. Together with increasing compliance for existing traders, this leads to increased duties & fees revenue.